60 yr old bear (at least)

by Anne Toney
(N. Ireland )

Joseph O’Neill, pensioner ted

Joseph O’Neill, pensioner ted

This is my sister’s bear which she named Joseph. He is quite small - I’d say about 12-15 cm or so tall.
He feels a bit crunchy, he has hardly any fur left, so we can’t really identify what it is made of and he has one glass/plastic eye left. His joints are connected with metal pins.
She absolutely adored this bear - having him added to the Sunday school register for attendance roll call!
One day she dropped him and nearly got hit by a car trying to save his life!
I’m just trying to find out a bit more about his origins for her and if he has any value?
She would never sell him of course as he is worth far more to him than any monetary value. He still sleeps in the small cabinet beside her bed. Her husband’s name turned out to be Joseph as well and I believe there is a little rivalry between human Joseph and teddy Joseph!!

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