66 yr old bear

by Nancy Duhe
(New Iberia, LA)



This bear was my brothers and he got it when he was 3 yrs old so it is 66 yrs old. It has amber colored eyes on black round felt black circles and a black Pom Pom nose with a red felt tongue. It is quite large at 32” from the top of his ears to the end of his legs. He is gray fur all one color. His stitching goes around his head, down the front to the crotch and then down each leg. He is also stitched from the neck down to under each arm and back to the neck on the back. Legs are stitched from crotch down to bottom of each foot across the center of the feet and back up the sides to the back of the neck. He is stitched from the head down the back to his bottom where he would bend to sit. Then this stitching goes around his bottom and connects to side stitching. The side stitching goes from his neck all the way down each side, down each leg, around the bottom of each foot and back to center crotch and back up the other side to the neck as a single seam. He sits because of the way he is sewn but can lay flat as well. He is in perfect condition. No fur is missing, no tears, no holes, both eyes are intact and perfect. Most of my life I only remember him sitting in his room and never played with. He has 2 rounded ears, about 4” that flop on the top of his head. I have looked for a tag and there isn’t one but there also doesn’t seem like there is a place where it was removed. No tags anywhere on him. I don’t find any markings that would identify a maker either. He has somewhat of a pointed nose. His head has stitching from both ears to the top of the nose and back up to the other ear. On the back the stitching goes from the neck up the side of the head along the back of the ears and back to the neck on the other side. I can’t tell what he is stuffed with. He also is stitched from the neck up to the tip of the nose and back to the neck forming his nose. I know that’s a lot about how he is stitched but it may be meaningful to someone. I don’t know if he has value but he is old and in almost mint condition.

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