7 Inch Teddy Bear

by Lorraine francis
(Granada spain)

7 Inch teddy Bear

7 Inch teddy Bear

My bear is about 7 inches.. He is made of wool has a very pointed face with a leather nose... His ears are from the sheep skin so the leather is showing then a little bit if red felt on the inside... His hands and feet are of just a piece of sheep skin so the leather showing also.
He's very hard and has a little piece of light blue ish ribbon with a bell...
His eyes look like brown wool stuck on, but I'm not sure . ..
All his joints are just stitched, no moving parts...
He came from my in laws side of the family, my mother in law was German and my father in law was from a very English Bohemian family, artists and poets... Rather sweet looking thing but also very crude.. Holds beautifully in your hand... Well I look forward to hearing from you... Regards

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