70s talking teddy bear, need to know manufacturer

by Dan
(New York)

Talking Teddy Bear

Talking Teddy Bear

Can you please identify the bear in the picture? He is a talking teddy bear, although his voice box is no longer working. He had a pull cord with a metal loop, and would say things like "I'm your Teddy" and "Let's be friends." (I think, it's been a while.) The tag can no longer be read, but it is attached to the lower left leg. The bear likely was produced in or around 1971-73; we also had a lighter, golden colored bear that was similar. Bears produced by Blue Ribbon Playthings look similar, but this bear would have been purchased in the US. Also, bears produced by Commonwealth sound similar to my memory, but the phrases are different from what I've read about online. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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