Teddy Bears For Identification

These teddy bears for identification need your help.

  • Do you recognize them?
  • Have you seen a similar bear? 
  • Perhaps you own this bear yourself.

If you can help, please use the facebook comments at the bottom of this page and use the bears ID Ref so we know which bear you are referring to.

Thank You For Your Help.

The Teddy Bears For Identification

bear ref no 14

Vintage Looking Pillowy Bear

Hey guys, 

So I came into possession of this strange fellow a couple years ago and I'm wondering what kinda bear it is. I've tried to identify it on the internet and all I can find are jointed style bears. Does anyone know what kinda bear this little guy is? It looks to be truly vintage. Sorry for the crappy picture. He's all sewed up like a pillow with a red bow around his neck. The entire plush is one piece of fabric so no jointed limbs or eyes. No tags either. Very curious. He's got some slight discoloration on him so I'm guessing he is actually vintage, but I'm not 100% sure.

bear ref no 13

Need help identifing this vintage 1900s Teddy Bear

This teddy bear belongs to my mom who is now 93.  She has had it ever since she was a little girl. It has a tail and if you move it the head also moves.  This is a straw stuffed bear and I would like to try and find patches to repair his feet and hands!  He is about 18 inches tall when standing.  Looks like mohair but worn somewhat.  I guess for being almost 100 years old he isnt in too bad of shape!Thank You,Rick Desilets

bear ref no 12


Please can somebody help me identify this bear.  It has been handed down to me by my grandmother and it belonged to her daughter who sadly died in 1964.  It is a Merrythought Bear - approximately 22 inches tall.  It has moving arms and legs.  There is a slight hole underneath and the filling is incredibly soft.  It has been decorated in pooh bear jacket although I don't know if this is original with the bear or added later.  It is slightly balding in a couple of places but other than that is being sold in a great condition. Glass eyes.  Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing else about it.  It would be great to get the name for the bear and also a rough idea of price if possible.  Many thanks.

bear ref no 11

Sharon - New Jersey

We have owned this bear now for the last 15 yrs and would like to know if you could help identify maker and age of bear. Bear is a 17 inch blonde mohair, fully jointed, glass eyes, in good condition except for some mohair loss.  Have included some pics.

Thank you for any info you can help me with.

bear ref no 10

Halloween Teddy Bear from the 1990s

Maria - Sewell, NJ

My name is Maria. I am 23 years old and still sleep with Teddy, my favorite stuffed bear. I received him as a birthday present when i was about 1 year old. For years I have been trying to figure out where he came from and have searched high and low on the computer with no luck. Teddy is a light brown bear with a brown plastic nose. He is a Halloween bear. His body is a round, orange pumpkin with black stars on it. He used to have a stem on the top of his head as well. Because Teddy is old and worn, he has no tag on him, but my mother thinks he was from Avon. Please help me learn more about my Teddy!!!

bear ref no9

Possible Bing Teddy

Janet Brown - Portland, OR USA

I acquired this teddy about 30 years ago in a heap of donated toys, so I know nothing about his original origins and am hoping someone can help me. He is about 14" tall, stuffing is kind of stiff like maybe a combination of kapok and wood shavings (?). His stitched claws and nose all appear to be original and in great shape. His felt paws (rounded, not flat feet) are in excellent shape. His hump is less full than it probably originally was. His eyes are brown and black glass. His finished stitching is definitely down the center front. There is a probable non-working growler box in his tummy. The fabric is a golden mohair in pretty good condition.

From my research I am thinking I have an early Bing Bear. Can anyone tell me more? I'm interested in knowing any "for sures" and would love an approximate value. He's a great, sweet bear. Thanks!

bear ref no8

Wood Straw Tumbler Bear Old with Glass Eyes Please Help Identify

Ken - Richmond, Virginia 

I have a very old bear and I can see through a small opening in the back seam that the head is packed firmly with wood straw. I can also see a multicolored swirly bakelite box that holds a gear mechanisim. The two arms move as one and sound like a friction toy and they try to snap back in place, and do so with a little push. The eyes are amber glass with black pupils. I believe he is a tumbler or summersault bear, but I don't know who made it. Any input others may have will be greatly appreciated!!!

bear ref no 7

Brown short-limbed soft teddy bear from 1983

Jodi, Nottingham, UK 

My small teddy bear was given to me in 1983, in London UK. It may have been purchased either in Glasgow, Scotland, or in London, England. 

He's very soft. The limbs aren't jointed, just stuffed. I don't believe he came with any clothing. His triangular nose is plastic, and I believe the eyes are too. 

His muzzle and ears seem to be the same material as most of his body. 

There aren't any labels or identifying marks. I can't see any indication of where a label might've been. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

bear ref no 6

Please help me to identify this Boyds Bear that has no tag

Lisa Rogers, Brookings, Oregon 

I am not sure what the name of this Boyds Bear is because it has no tag, but I will give you as much info as I can in hopes you can help me figure it out. I believe it is an old one from when they first started, she has on a blue dress with the buttons saying Boyds on them, also has the underpants and the same blue bow as the dress material on her left ear. The reason I think it might be one of the first ones made is because of the color of the fur, I was always told that the first Boyds Bears made had the mix of white, brown, and cinnamon color and this is what she has. You won't really be able to see the colors right in the picture. But the butt tag reads TBC LTD @ (< that is really suppose to be the C with a circle) 1990-99 All new material content : polyester fiber and/or plastic beads hand made in china. The other side says The Boyds Collection LTD Gettysburg, PA 17325 The archive series PA & OH #1364. Her arm and foot pads are the rust color felt pads with sewn in black threads for toes. She measures about 16" tall standing. She is completely jointed.

bear ref no 5

help finding another bear like mine

corey Wilson - Britain

My bear was a gift for me as a baby, my mother tells me that he came as a free gift with 'ace catalogue' in 1997 he is a PEEKO bear and it says on the tag that he was designed in England and manufactured in Indonesia. He is a bit of a thread bear know but he used to have a lovely golden fur with cream/white fur around the nose, ears and feet. He has brown and black eyes and a chocolate brown nose. He also came with a white knitted jumper. the picture provided is a picture of my bear, however mine has a patch around his chest at his right and he is also shown with no white knitted jumper 

I named my bear Ted and he is much loved, however, I would love to find out some more information on him and perhaps a picture of another one. It would be great to find someone who knows about my bear or even has the same bear so I could find out if others are loved just as much as mine! 

If anyone knows anything could you please let me know, my email address is: ctwttr@gmail.com 

I would really appreciate this and so would Ted :) 

Many thanks, 

Corey Wilson.

bear ref no 4

1920's Bear


Bullhead City, AZ

The bear has riveted arms and legs, and the head swivels.  It has a long nose and humped back.  It was my mothers as a child in the 1920's.  You can see some fur under the cover that was made by my grandmother.  21" long.

Bear Ref ID - 001

Hang Le - Scotland

I got this big guy from a second hand shop. I reckon he's a me to you bear by Carte Blanche. Of course every teddy bear is special but given his unusual colour and big size, I think there might be something about him that will attract collectors. 

He was made in Indonesia. He has fluffy light brown fur but besides that, all the typical features of me to you bears (stiches, blue nose with a white dot on it). He's very big, 80cm wide, 95 cm high. Since Carte Blanche's me to you bears used to be brown in early years of their business, this guy might've been produced in that period.

I would really appreciate if you guys could correct me if my guesses are wrong and enlighten me about him.

Bear Ref ID 002

Old Brown Teddy Bear - Googly Eyes - Metal Nose

Joellen -Cincinnati, Ohio

Hello!  I would love some help identifying this old teddy bear.  He is about 16 inches tall.  No tag (of course).  A rusty brown color.  His eyes are the googly type and his nose appears to be metal.  Unfortunately his mouth is gone.  I do not believe the green ribbon to be original.  He also does not have a tail of any kind.  

Any help would be much appreciated!  Thanks in advance.

bear ref 003

Beige teddy bear, mid-80s, with no label

Kira, Liverpool

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me to identify my teddy bear? 

I've had him since I was a baby, so he was probably made between 1985 and 1987. He was a gift from a great-aunt who died when I was very small, so no-one in the family knows where he came from. But almost definitely from somewhere in the UK. 

He has two unusual features: a very triangular head, and a patch of "hair" in a sort of fleece material. I've never seen this on any other bear. 

Originally he had a ribbon around his neck... I think it was purple, but it's been about 20 years so I can't remember. 

As far as I know, he has never had a label. I can't find any trace of where a label might have been attached.   This makes me wonder whether he was perhaps hand made? 

Thanks for reading, and I hope someone can help! ^_^

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