A 1963 bear, but what make? Can anyone please help?

by Anne Hogg
(Northumberland )

1963 bear,

1963 bear,

Hello. Meet Ted. He is my beautiful bear, a gift for my 2nd birthday in November 1963. He is a golden mohair, stuffed with wood and wool. He has a squeaker in the centre of his back which still works. He is fully jointed and his head rotates 360 degrees. All four paws are covered with soft, velvet-like pads, probably also mohair. He has a pair of black eyes but they are of different sizes (diameters of 1.2 cms & 1 cm), so one may have been replaced (although I cannot remember it being done). They both feel cold so I think they are glass. Her nose and mouth were embroidered onto Ted using a heavyweight brown thread which feels like cotton. Any label (if Ted had one) has long since disappeared. Any help gratefully received. Kind regards, Anne H.

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