A bear that survived Nazi Germany

by Barbara Shamberg Duniec
(Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA)

Scruffy Teddy Bear

Scruffy Teddy Bear

I believe this bear is a Steiff. I believe this bear to be from the 1940 era. This bear was used to smuggle gold coin out of Germany. It spent most of the time going from labor camp to Siberia. My mother in law sewed many gold pieces to use for money. It's a Carmel color with mohair fur. The arms, legs and head are movable. It's feet are padded, amber eyes and small close cropped ears. The fur is matted as it's been through a lot. Many unsolved mysteries surrounding this bear I hope you can help. I know you asked for 400 hundred words but I don't know anymore about the bear then what I've told you. All of the parts are movable. I can send you a picture. That's all I know.

What an amazing story. he certainly does look like he has been through the wars as they say.

Looks like his fur was always a bit curly. This may help to identify him.

he has quite short arms which was not something Steiff bears were known for. There were other German teddy bear manufacturers at that time. Hopefully someone may recognize him.

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Aug 18, 2017
Maybe Petz
by: taoka

I guess he might be a Petz teddy..
Anyway he really has got story!
I love his big muzzle :)

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