A German Bear

by Natalie

A German Bear

A German Bear

Thank you for taking the time to look at this bear. My husband's first reaction after after our daughter was given this bear from his grandfather was to suggest putting it in the bin. He is in a tatty condition. His arms are hanging off, his legs are loose, his hands and feet are threadbare and he is going bald.

We would love to know a bit more about the age of the bear, where he is from and who the maker might be. My grandfather in law said his daughter was given it when she was 5 (55 years ago) and it was given to her from a German uncle... Who had it when he was a boy... this is the bit that is a bit unclear and could be misremembered.

The whole bear is 70cm long his head is about 20cm. The bear has a small but very 'sticky outy' nose. At the end of his nose is a brown stitched mouth and nose. His eyes are made of glass and are orange in colour with a black center.

His arms are joined to his body by a metal rod type thing that goes from one arm to the other through his body. At the end of each arm is a blue felt type of fabric for the paws.

His body is ridged and tightly stuffed with wooden long shavings. His body is covered in a woven fabric that is woolly/furry.

His legs are also joined to his body with a metal rod that passes through his body from one leg to the other. At the end of each leg there is a blue felt type fabric pad for his paws.

There are no other distinguishing features, tags or labels that might help to age or identify the bear. I am now wondering if this could be a homemade bear rather than one made to sell.

I am not sure if to let our daughter play with him (when she is done he will almost certainly be ready for the bin because she would love him to bits... literally) or if to preserve him or sell him. Your thoughts on this would also be interesting to hear.

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