A Mother's wish to help heal her hurting baby boy

by Tamara Boykin
(Hammond, Louisiana, USA)

2006 teddy bear

2006 teddy bear

I'm looking for a 2006 medium size tan Brown teddy bear to purchase as a replacement for my son. He lost his "Bear-Bear" as he called him, several years ago. Sadly my poor baby boy has went through so many hardships and challenges with our personal family difficulties. Instantly resulting in some emotional and behavioral problems. Since then over the years I'm guessing, As his defense mechanism, he gets angry and lashes out in ways I can relate to myself. As his mother it pains me to see my son lost, with a sense of such disconnect. I know if I could find him the only thing that he has ever been attached to, it will without a doubt, help ground him and maybe give him a sense security. In hopes of connecting him back with something he loved so much.

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