About this teddy more details information

by Mabel
(Hong Kong)

Hello. The frist thing. I feel so Sorry my english was so suck. Hope you can understand my English. I try my best to type it here. I brought this teddy in japan at 2001 when I went to traveling with my ex boyfriend . After I get her. I wondering did I spend too much money to get her.I tried to search about this teddy more information . But so hard to get all of details. even the pic .luckily I found out this website. I remember I spend like around HKD 2100 to brought it. I saw shes had a label was limited edition.Can I know more detail about this teddy!?
Shes the first teddy I brought it to myself. I wish I can keep her so perfect. How to keep it much better. And how to clean it!? May I know about the limited edition is that good for collection!? How different with another edition!? This teddy is that handmade teddy. I think shes made by mohair. Is that all of Hermann teddy made in Germany!? Which year is this teddy made by!? Any number is about this teddy!? Thank a lot!

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