Adorable bear and would love to know more about him

(Jill Tanfield)

I picked this bear up on a flea market along with two rag doll friends. He is in a pitiful state and looks like he is long overdue for some fuss and pamper. Despite this, I think he is adorable and would love to know more about him if possible. He has a longish snout and looks like he is made out of some kind of skin (reminds me of hard chamois leather). The top of his left leg has tiny little holes in it which look like he might have been nibbled at by burrowing insects. His arms have come loose from his body (although still attached) showing that he is stuffed with what looked like straw but I think may be fine long wood shavings. He has square metal plates attached to his body with small loops in the centre of the plates. The plates are very rusty looking but quite sturdy. (His head and leg joints seem fine though, albeit probably rusted a bit too.) I think he may have got damp at some point because he looks a bit mottled in places, particularly his arms and feet. He has quite large glass eyes, black in the middle and clear around the outside. He is stitched everywhere. He has quite long limbs. His feet are slightly foot shaped following off of his legs and have oval shaped pads stitched at the bottom for paws. He has stitching running up the front of both legs but not at the back of his legs. He has stitching running from the top of his spine right down the centre of his back, between his legs and up the front of his tummy to his neck. His arms look like they have been made in two halves, with stitching running down the centre front and back. His paws are a similar shape to those on his feet just slightly smaller (they don’t have circles on they are just stitched in a line, back to front. (His arms look like they may have been patched with linen at some point.) He also has stitching running from his neck to nose or, chin to snout, and around his ears. He has ‘V’ shaped stitching on the back of his head which comes up under his ears and runs down the side of each eye to join at the snout and then goes into the one line of stitching under his snout to his neck. (Nose to chin).

He has a tiny bit of black cloth, which, I suspect, formed part of his nose and a little bit of a red line under it (wool maybe? Or fabric of some kind). He has a tiny bit of rounded metal poking out of the left side of his chest and his back (looks like it goes through him and has the appearance of a match head in size and shape). He also has, what looks like, a thin reddish ribbon attached to the right side of his chest which might have had something attached to it at one point. He has no fur save for two tiny tufts of, what looks like light lambs wool (the sort you might see caught on fences) on his back and a small bit at the top of one his legs, close to the joint. (There is about two inches of stitching on his back which is very rough and large compared to the rest).

I don't know anything about his history expect that he was found in a bedroom in a box with his two friends!

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