Albert Bear - would like to know more

by Emma Waller
(Kent, England)

My bear was bought for me from a small antique/memorabilia shop in Pembrokeshire,Wales, UK. We had seen him over the years sitting in the window of the shop on a rocking chair and decided to give him a home.

He is very old and worn with patchy fur, he has a small hole on the top of his head where you can see the wood shavings used as a filler. When squeezed you can hear the crispness of this stuffing.
He has glass eyes although both are chipped in half, Amber Brown in colour with black pupils.
He has very small ears and his nose is stitched on using Brown, slightly rough thread. The shape of his face and nose is unlike any modern bears, he has a long face with a larger snout area.
His arms and legs move can move and rotate and you can see the golden colour of his fur more in his legs and groin area as the rest of him has faded or is bald.
The material used to make him is quite rough, almost Hessian like and he has a strange indent and thread at the back of his head, don't know if this was where some sort of label was placed originally?
His paws and feet have a hard fabric, may be worn leather pads with the same thread used on his nose as stitches for fingers and toes.
I would love to know anything about the age and history of my bear as this is all unknown at the moment apart from the little research I have done.

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