Another Mystery Bear...

by Eileen

Mystery Teddy Bear

Mystery Teddy Bear

I recently purchased this fellow on eBay. He was listed as having 'no identifying marks or tags'. The seller also wasn't sure if he is mohair or synthetic. I don't have him in hand yet as he is currently making the trip from Europe to North America.

I can tell you that he is about 12 inches tall. Has been weighted with 'something' in his belly/butt. The eyes are believed to be glass but seller wasn't sure. Nose stitching still in tact. No rips or worn/open seams anywhere.

I am guessing he likely dates from the late 1980's to mid 1990's... possibly later. At first I though he was perhaps a bear from the Boyd's JB Beans series because of the size, close set eyes, ear placement and leg shape - but his snout length seems more than Boyd's went with.

He could be a 'maker's' bear rather than produced - which would be a treat but still leaves me wondering who might have made him.

Sorry for the pic quality - all I have until he gets here are the auction photo's.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Apr 08, 2017
The mystery deepens...
by: Eileen

So my little precious has arrived! ... and he's mohair (singe test done). He also has glass eyes which rules out Boyd's or Russ's mohair collection (as far as I know they all had safety eye's - but I could be wrong). There truly is no evidence of a tag ever having been on him. All seems appear to be hand stitched. His ladder stitching is coming a bit loose but no open areas. He has some small pellets in his bottom mixed in with his stuffing and the stuffing (pulled gingerly from between the stitches is white cotton/wool. The bottom of his chin protrudes a wee bit. He's been clipped just under his nose with the rest of his muzzle still long haired. His nose and mouth is stitched in pearl cotton but his smile gets a bit lost in all that hair. His paws are ultra suede and in good condition. Inside of his ears are also furry and his joints (5 way) are nut and bolt. So I'm still thinking he's likely a 1990's bear but I have no clue as to who may have made him. It looks like he'd been stuffed into a box or something for quite a long time. The hair on his poor head was all flattened to one side - but's it's starting to spring back a little with a bit of well deserved petting.

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