Antique German Teddy Bear Circa 1920s

by Milly Lutz
(Carmel, New York, USA)

German Teddy Bear

German Teddy Bear

Hello Dear Friend:

I have a very sturdy, handsome devil of a bear to show you. I will list all the information I know about him, and send pictures also.
Antique German Teddy Bear Circa 1920s:
I purchased this very large antique teddy bear and was told he was made around 1920s with humpback and glass eyes. I purchased him in Germany. His head has 3 seams, measures 75 cm tall and has a honey-colored short mohair coat. His ears are placed on the sides of his head, paws and feet have 5 claws embroidered black, the nose is cross embroidered. He has large, flat glass eyes. Paws are made of fabric. His voice does not function. His arms are long, the body is very stocky. His 5 joints have discs,no tears, no damages except his voice, and a little coat abrasion. The paws were replaced long ago, but it still is very old fabric. He comes dressed in a authentic German Cow Lederhosen, and wool sweeter, I am not sure if these items are original.
He came from a non smoking household. I hope you are able to help me identify my lovely cuddly bear. Thank you so much for being available to us all, you provide a great service.
Thank you very much!

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