Antique Teddy Bear - Unknown Age

by Tramaine
(Shropshire )

Teddy Bear With brown Nose

Teddy Bear With brown Nose

The bear I am currently requiring about, is suspected to be pre world war 2 but, I’m not entirely sure about its age.

The bear has glass eyes, orange felt circles begin the eyes. A small, red felt tongue, a green and white polka dot bow tie, and also a mechanism inside which makes a noise if you pat it.

I’m not entirely sure what it is stuffed with but the bear feels very firm. The eyes also seem to be connected to each other via some thin metal wire they are attached to.

I cannot be sure to identify the specific material the fur is made from so hopefully I can provide some pictures in this thread.

This bear was given to me as a child (I am 27) by a friend of my great-grandmothers who passed away. She was 94 at the time and would be nearly 114 now. As far as I know, she allegedly had this bear since she was a child, but some opinions and articles I have found online, contradict that, in favour of the bear being a lot younger than she may have thought, but I have found some bears similar to this, of the world war 1 period and before world war 2. If anybody could identify this bear or offer some insight as to its age that would be extremely helpful.

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