Antique US Navy Aviator Bear

by Ronald
(Westlake, Ohio USA)

Full Bear

Full Bear

I found this bear in a relative's attic. No one can tell me anything about the history of this item. The bear is about 28 inches tall and about 13 inches wide at the shoulder. The head is 6 inches wide, the arms are 9 inches long and the legs are 7 inches long. The bear has no eyes, not even stitching. It appears to be dressed in US Navy Dress Blue uniform with aviator wings and USA on the left chest. The blue trousers have a gold or yellow stripe running down the outside seam. The bear appears to be filled with wood shavings or fibers. The tunic has brass buttons with anchors with braided rope. There are no hands nor feet on the bear. The legs are stubs and the hands are covered in a light colored cloth. Maybe a dress glove?

I've looked on the internet and haven't been able to find any item like it. The dress blues are faded and there are a few minor tears in the bear uniform. I'd really like to know more about this bear. I assume that it is fairly old. There are no tags or markings of any kind that I can see. I hope someone can give me some information about this bear.

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