Any information greatly appreciated about my teddy bear

by Dan
(United Kingdom)

Old Teddy Bear

Old Teddy Bear

hi sorry to be messaging so late but I'm wondering if you could help me out. I'm trying to find out a bit more of this bear there is 2 but the other 1 is a bit different to this but has the same characteristics is at a family members household i will attach a picture aswell in case that helps. Its a small jointed teddy bear all arms and legs are intact and move, has 2 glass eyes its nose is like a hard black material but its not plastic, and when squeezed its not your normal teddy bear filling its very weird feeling like a thick wool type filling that crunches if that makes sense, have attacheda pic of the filling. Any help if possible would be greatly appreciated i know its over 30 years old at least . Many thanks Dan

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