Anya’s Bear

by Anya
(Rosamond , Ca)

Head shot

Head shot

I bought this bear about 5 years ago just because he looked lonely on a shelf (the reason I would usually have for buying a bear), of an old antique store , which has sadly since burned down. It was a very unusual place out of town in Lancaster, Ca, called , simply The Barn. I actually bought 2 bears there that day, but I will describe the smaller bear in a separate post.

This Teddy Bear is about 18” tall, , 4” wide at the smallest part of his back, 8” wide across his shoulders; his arms and legs are the same length at 9” long. He has a barrel looking chest and a sway back . He is very sturdy feeling , perhaps filled with wood wool, but I can’t be totally sure. He has blue glass eyes, and maybe is pretty “old” judging by the darker fur in his nether regions around his joints. He is 5 jointed and all his parts move very well and feel like they are supported with very heavy duty cardboard or maybe even wood; again I can’t be sure.

He does not have a tag , but has a tie with musical notes around his neck, and his paws are felt with no stitching he is very firm - not floppy at all.

I hope that describes him pretty well, and I would be very grateful to know more about him!

Thank you 😊

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