Applebelly Bear

by Chris merricks
(Liverpool England)

Applebelly bear

Applebelly bear

Hi im 30 yrs old and was adopted at birth the day i came to my parents a family friend was waiting for me to arrive with a teddy bear that i have had ever since his name is applebelly he has no tags and ive never seen him since and would love to find out the history of him, Hes about 7 inchs tall has two glass eyes brown in colour a wooden brown nose and a brown stiched smile he is a mix of cream and light brown and has an apple core red in colour on his belly hes my best friend and loving companion and just want to put abit of history to him hope someone can help me thank you

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May 12, 2021
I have this bear
by: Anonymous

I have the exact same bear mine is called AppleJack after my favourite penny sweet. I am 46 years old and I bought him for £7,99 in Woolworths

Nov 28, 2020
I have a similar teddy bear
by: Yani

Hi I have a similar teddy bear... Mine is White and hasn't an apple in its belly. Nevermind it's nose, eyes and shape are really similar to yours!! It's a pity I can not put a picture in this message.
Mine is also 30 years old :)

Aug 01, 2016
by: Chris

Im not sure but will certainly look into it but any more information would be appriciated

Jul 29, 2016
Care Bear?
by: Kate

Is he a care bear? I know that carebears always had a their name drawn as a picture on their belly.
If he's not then he was surely fashioned on the carebear styling.
See my page on the site about carebears

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