Australian Teddy Bear

by Georgie England
(York England)

Australian teddy Bear

Australian teddy Bear

I help selling items for a charity. We have been given a bear. He is the most strange looking bear, though a delightful face his front paws are turned inwards. He will stand on all four paws. Like a real bear. He will also stand upright if supported but it looks as though he was intended to stand like a bear on all fours. It's the turn in paws that I just can't understand. He has a very stiff body and legs.All four limbs will move. He has a sewn nose not really black more dark grey. A line of the same colour stitching runs to make his mouth. A fairly sharp muzzle. He has a little hump. I am sure he is not old as he has a little card in his ear saying The Teddy Bear Shop. "For every bear that ever there was" Inside it says A Teddy Bear will always care. My name is SPRING then a space then C. Newell (I think) However there is no way of finding out which shop.

On further examination I see a little label sewn into his back seam just above his bum. It says (I think)Classic Bears Duderim Australia. So finding that gives me hope he may have some age. The 'font' on this label could be 1950s but only guessing.
He is 18 inches in length his arms are 8 inches in length. His nose a good 1 inch. His hair has a silky feel and is rubbed off in places. His pads feel like velvet. He is clean.

I think that is all I can say about him. I will attach photos and any help you can give us would be most welcome.

Many thanks
on behalf of RSPCA York, Harrogate & District

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