Barnaby Bear

by Jessica Rook
(United Kingdom)

I have a beautiful mohair growler bear, all joints are moveable, his growler still works when he is tilted.

He is in pretty bad shape, very theadbare and has a few holes, exposing his wooden stuffing.
His nose and paws are a beautiful rich caramel shorter mohair where as his body is a light yellowy blonde longer weave.
His facial features are hand stitched with cute black glass eyes.
His ears are quite damaged, so i can't tell if he ever had an identifying mark.
I believe he is German, pre ww1, from what family have said over the years.
They have tried to repair him with little patches over the years, but he is in need of proper TLC.
He is very handsome, I would love for him to be restored by someone who knows more about vintage bears.
If You have any idea of his origin or brand, please let me know.

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