Bear from brocante market

by Ivanna

Whole bear sitting

Whole bear sitting

Hello everybody,

I'm from the Netherlands (sorry if my English isn't very good) and i would like to ask your opinion about this bear. Today I bought this Teddy bear on a France themed brocante market today in the Netherlands, near Rotterdam. The seller didn't know how old it is, he bought it from another vintage seller as a hobby. I'm curious to know how old the bear is and if it's from a certain brand?

- the color of the fur is light brown, but it is also dirty. On the inside of the ears i can see the color is more golden.
- the total length from toe tot ears is 78 cm (31 inch), the legs are 38 cm (14.5 inch) the arms are 29 cm (11.5 inch), the circumference of the belly is
64 cm (25,5 inch), the ears are 5 cm high (2 inch) by 8 cm (3 inch), feet 13 cm (5 inch).
- it has glass eyes, in the right eye is a crack. There is some red - brown color in the iris, the pupils are black
- the ears are curved
- the nose and mouth are stitched with a brown color, the material is soft
- the bear is a heavy weight and is firm when i squeeze it, i cannot easily press in the material
- i think on the inside is wood wool because it feels crispy
- the arms and legs can all move
- when i move the limbs i can hear a squaky sound like metal scratching. It sounds like the joints are made of metal?
- the head cannot move from the body. It's looking a little bit to the left.
- the upper arms are wide and are going smaller to the wrist, the hands are also smaller. It has no fur on the inside of the hands and feet.
- the feet are pointing upwards
- the lines that distinct the fingers and toes are made by sewing with the same brown thread as the nose
- on the bottom of the left foot there is a light brown patch, buy it seems like it was seamed on later?
- there are seams on the upper side of both legs and on his belly
- he has a bit of a lump on his back
- i didn't find a tag or button anywhere

I have the idea that it was produced before 1950?

I hope somebody can help me identify this bear!

Thank you in advance,


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