Bear from long time ago

by Scarlet

this is a picture from now

this is a picture from now

This bear was given to me when I was really little, neither my aunt nor grandma remember particularly where he was bought. He has a tan material that i think is either wool or mohair he use to have a red or green bow, which has since then gone missing. I'm not looking to sell, but I just really wanna find out where he came from to maybe if at all possible purchase a similar one for my kids since mine is kind of old and falling apart. His eyes are simple black beads that I am sure are sewn into his head since they have never come out. His limbs, and his bottom are filled plastic beads I am guessing. Otherwise his head and torso are filled with stuffing, however I'm not sure if its cotton. I had gotten him wet quite a few times as a child but it never developed any kind of mold, nor did the material he is made out of. His left foot isn't an original part of him, so that's why it looks different. My grandma had to make him a new leg after the dogs got to him. But yes, I provided a picture of him know, let me know if you would like a picture of him when I originally got him, I might have search through old pictures

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