Bear George Needs Help To Trace His Roots

by Kimberly Taylor
(Vancouver, Canada)




I hope you can help me identify my (hopefully) vintage teddy, named Bear George.

Bear George was given to me by a dear friend of our family, but she has no idea on its identity or manufacturer. There are no tags on Bear George, so this makes identifying him rather difficult.

Some details about Bear George:

- Short blond gold fur (I believe its acrylic) and brown eyes with black pupils (probably plastic).

- The head, arms and legs of this bear appear to be jointed and move, but they can't rotate. I am wary of moving them too much in case the limbs might break off.

- Has a stiff body, head and limbs, which does not appear to have any stuffing in it. It looks like the fur was wrapped around the body and limbs, and then sewn.

- Has a voice box that makes a bear cub sound when you rock the bear.

- Height of this bear is approximately 30 cm (12").

I have added some pictures (mug shots) of Bear George in the hope that they will help to identify him.

Any help from other bear collectors is much appreciated!

Thank you in advance.

Kimberly Taylor

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