Bear In The Box

by Bob
(Tacoma Washington)

about 13 inches long

about 13 inches long

I have a old Teddy Bear that that has been in my family for several generations...I almost forgot I had it when I ran across it again just a few days ago....It might have been my Mothers and then could be from Europe as my family migrated from Germany at the turn of the century

It has no does have nice amber glass eyes ...what looks to be a plastic ( or something like that...did they ever use Bakelite ) Nose ....

I have searched through hundreds of pictures but have never found one with a little red tongue sticking out....

Arms and legs are not movable has about a inch and a half of stitching up at the shoulders... and possible some small stitching where a tail might have been...then a pretty much visible seem down the front.

the body seems quite stiff and feels like there is some kind of frame or something inside....if you feel on the back there is a round hollow feeling space and when I shake him I can feel and hear something moving around inside....

anybody have any ideas it would sure be great to find out.


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Mar 20, 2018
old brown bear
by: Anonymous

Your bear is a 40s 50s ideal teddy bear

Nov 27, 2017
Additional info
by: Bob

Well I was just looking over my bear and realized that it DOES have movable arms and legs. I guess I was too afraid to damage it and didn't try hard enough. I can get it to sit up now


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