Bear Lover

by Katie

Handmade bear

Handmade bear

He is very unusual, I think he is moihair with possibly suede pads. I would be grateful if anyone could share their knowledge with me. He is 44m long and at his widest point being his curled up arms he is 15m. I'm not sure his eyes are his original? He's been very well looked after over his many years. On first glance I fell in love with his lopsided mouth and homemade appearance, in my opinion he looks like he's stitched by a very clever person. I have tried google search images to find out more about him and his history but sadly I haven't had any luck. Thank you to all that show interest enough to read my waffle : )

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Jun 15, 2017

by: Kate

Yes it looks to me like he is a handmade teddy bear. He has been made very simply and it looks like he made have been made from a pattern book. In which case without a label it will be impossible to say who made him.

Usually people who make handmade bears to sell professionally would have a label to identify their work. So in this case your bear may simply be a bear that has been made for a family member.

He is still cute though and well worth a cuddly every now and again.

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