Bear With Googley Eyes

by Eric Visconti
(San Diego)

Bear With Googley Eyes

Bear With Googley Eyes

This is a bear that we purchased in the mountains outside of San Diego from a family that owned an antique store many years ago. That is all of the verbal information we have.

The bear measures about 20 inches high, and the fabric hair has a rougher and unusual feel in comparison to regular teddy bears. I think it is some kind of natural material. You can squeeze the bear and you can hear a "crunching" sound inside instead of nothing. The material inside seems different than usual.

This bear has "googley" eyes which are plastic eyes that have the black pupils which can move around. The eyes look very different from regular plastic eyes like this which I have seen.

The stitching is heavy as seen in the photos, especially under the bear's chin. Very heavy stitching can be seen on the rear leg joint, where I believe it has come a bit loose. I will not attempt to fix it.

The joints all move except for the neck which is fixed.

The nose and mouth section feel as if they have a hard cone of material beneath the facial area.

The feet and hands are padded with a smooth white material that is almost like leather but not as thick.

ON THE BACK IS SOMETHING ODD! Halfway down the fur is worn in a circle. Beneath the cloth you can feel something like a knob for the fingers. It twists a bit under the cloth, but this is not a music box wind as one would think. I have no idea what could be under there.

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