Bear with Pink Eyes and Nose

by V Souza
(Mansfield, MA, USA)

Face (with redone mouth)

Face (with redone mouth)

I received this bear from a friend at least 10 years ago (I honestly am unsure of what year it was, as I was so young). The eyes and nose are both sewn into the bear. The mouth was redone by my mother many years ago with a different shade of pink. I think the original mouth was the same shade of pink as the eyes and nose. There is a zipper that runs vertically down the back of the bear from the neck down to the tail. The original tags are shriveled up, but the remnants are to the left of the tail when viewed from the back. My mom also sewed back up one of the arms of the bear. There aren’t many identifiable features of this bear other than the eyes not being a separate material like glass. I don’t know what the names of the materials used are, but I have some estimated measurements. The arms are about 4 inches long, the legs are about 6 inches long (there’s a slight bend at the feet so it’s a bit hard to judge which type of measurement is best), and the snout protrudes about 1.5 inches from the face. There is a seam running down the middle of the torso and one down each side from the armpit to the feet.

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