Bear With The Acorn Hat

by Sharon Decker
(Brownsville, Ky.)

I bought a bag of plush animals at a Goodwill store recently. This bear was among the rest so our history together is short lived. I almost tossed it as junk but the more I looked at it, I could tell it was rare. It had a different look and it felt very different than most plush animals. I will describe it in detail doing the best I can to be as accurate as possible.
This bear measures 8 1/2 inches tall (from top of hat to bottom of feet). The hat is odd looking. It resemble the top part of an acorn shell although it is a little larger than the average acorn shell. The hat is trimmed at the bottom with what appears to be some type of miniature green garland. The garland crisscrosses a little when meeting in front of the hat. The bear ears are odd in they are tucked a little on top. The left ear is tucked a little while the right ear is bent over and seamed at the top. Almost a straight seam stitched halfway down the ear and going toward the forehead. The eyes are like half marbles with yellowish/tan (almost honey colored) surrounding dark brown pupils. The eyes are about the size of flat thumbtacks. The nose and mouth area is raised in a way that is shaped like a boiled egg cut in half but the size is smaller than a boiled egg. The nose is very hard and laps over the point of the nose. Below the nose is a small black thread line that evolves into an upside down V shape that becomes the mouth. At the neck, there’s white feather like fuzz garland that wraps halfway around the neck. It looks like a combination of soft feathers and raw cotton. The arms are 3’’ long. They move up and down like a doll’s arms do. The bear is a light to medium brown color overall. The arms are this color with the exception of the palms which are beige in color. The black thread comes in to play again with 3 long stitches to represent claws. The arm seam runs underneath the arm and it looks like a small tag was present (and

cut off) in the seam under the left arm. A seam (3/4 ‘’) goes down the chest of the bear but doesn’t go all the way to the waist. The waist has the same material around the neck and also only goes 1:2 way around the bear. It is white also. It almost looks like a hoola skirt but not as long. He doesn’t have a full round body like most stuffed bears. He is more straight up and leaner. The legs are 3 1/2’’ long and move up and down also. Each leg has a seam that goes down the front of the leg. The feet are mostly flat to the floor but do have a slight curve to them. The black thread comes into play once again with the 3 long stitches on each foot to represent claws. The bottom of the feet are beige. The material of the bear appears to be odd. It feels like wool or a material similar. It appears to be stuffed but it is very firm, not fluffy. Now to the back of the bear. It is pretty insignificant with the exception of a seam that runs down each side of the head. The seams are about an inch out from the side of the head and it almost looks like a baseball with the shape of the head and the position of the stitches. The neck is stitched in a way that looks like a thin tube going around it. The back has no stitches nor do the legs but the black The seams on the arms are more obvious with the rear view. I feel this bear is very unique and comes from a very early era. I have tried to research it but nothing I have found shows a bear with an acorn hat. I have found bears with the same black thread accents and they are from the early 1900’s so I am thinking this bear must be too. I have given every detail I can see and feel I have described it to the best of my ability. I sure hope I have used enough words to meet the expectations to be accepted. Any lead on information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!

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