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The bear

The bear

This is a childhood teddy bear I've had since I would remember. (I'm turning 18 September 10th of 2020 and I would like to figure out where he came from.)

He's a yellow/beige color with a white muzzle area, and has been through many a repair. He has brown glossy eyes. I'm not sure what happened to his nose, but I think it was black and plastic, but now his muzzle has been sewn together with brown thread.

His original seams attach each limb to his body and he has been restuffed once or twice.

He has a small tail and moon shaped ears that are made of the same material as the whole body, which seems to be a sort of faux fur. He's missing his tag unfortunately, but I can't remember where my family got him for me.

His arms are maybe 5-6 inches in length, and his legs are about 6-7 inches in length. His tail is maybe an inch long, his ears being 2-3 as they follow the head's seam. His head is 7-8 inches tall, 8-9 inches wide. In full stand, he's maybe a 1'6" tall bear. He sits at a foot tall or so, and has to have something propping him up unless at a certain angle.

There is no separating pads of fabric on the ends of his limbs, almost like he was cut out from a pre-made pattern.

This bear is very flat compared to most teddy bears, but that could also be due to 16+ years of wear and tear.

I don't have any other way to describe the bear but I would like to think the farthest date back you could start is somewhere around September of 2004 at least. And time after that would be unlikely.

He could very well be a homemade bear and my parents just don't remember, but I'm curious to see if anyone has an idea of where he might have come from if this isn't the case.

The idea to submit this to a forum came from my washing him and brushing him out (sort of) to give him a clean. He's a very very loved teddy bear and knowing where he came from may be an awesome opportunity for me, so please PLEASE let me know if you recognize him even just a little bit. It would mean the world to me. Thanks :)

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