Bearington or Boyds?

by Lori

teddy bear

teddy bear

I purchased this bear today at a second hand store. I often get bears there and have found a few Bearington Bears. The other two that I have still have the tags attached but I can't find anything on this one. I'm trying to guess by the details. The eyes look very similar to the Bearington as does the stitching on the nose. The little dress and bow in her hair are also usually signature Bearington. The one thing that throws me off is that the other bears I have have sort of a stitching on the foot that this one does not. I've only just begun collecting Bearington Bears so I'm not sure if this has also been a detail or if its possible that this one is an older retired collection that perhaps didn't have the stitching on the foot?

I am not familiar with Boyd's bears at all. The size of this bear is about 12inchs. Again very reminscent of Bearington Bears. She is dressed in a green plaid and velvet dress with a matching bow in her hair. The colour of the fur I would say is a reddish chestnut. Again I cannot find any other distinguishing details or marks to suggest what it is or where it might have come from.
I have contacted the Bearington Collection online to see if they have an actual email that I can send a picture to to try to help identify it.
Its in pretty good condition. I am guessing it must have been given to a child because there is not one tag any where. It feels like the head might move, like its jointed or something but the other limbs are not like that. I'm really hoping someone can help me identify it.

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