Beary needs a Family! Could you help him?

Sorry for bad photo quality.

Say hello to Beary! I'm aware that's not very creative, but I never was really creative. I was given him by my grandfather about 10+ years ago. My grandmother had died a year prior to this so it gives some sort of more significance.Beary has been with me through a lot, family issues, my own issues. Just everything and every milestone in my life.

For a Description of him when he was a newer old looking bear:
I remember he was a lot fuller in diffirent areas (Foot, Arms and Stomach) ,he also had these round reading glasses that were attached to him and a small little coat which was also attached to him. I can't remember that coats colour, but I think it was red. But besides that information, there is absolutely nothing else. He has no tags and no more identifying qualities besides that he's brown and is about the size of a baby. (About 3-6 months if that helps)

I live in New Zealand and I haven't seen him in stores (in the areas I've shopped in) and I haven't been able to get any information from friends as they don't have this specific bear. I want to identify him because I would like to purchase a newer version of my bear. Not to replace Beary of course, but to have that version that displays how he's actually suppose to look. So could anybody help me?

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