Beginner collector would like brand and maybe a name to my newest teddy bear

by suzanne
(detroit mi USA)



i have a teddy bear that has stiff legs and arms. She's kind of an orangeish brown color .the pads are smooth and the length of limbs are about 4".there is a tag but when i google the style number and the code i get a bunch of hits but none are my bear .It says it is made in china and that the style number is 14092 and the Code number is 01359. i have no brand and i would like to know what brand my little girl is.She is 8 " tall .her nose is black cross stitch thread about 2 strands thick.the mouth also black and is more like black quilting thread.its heavy yet thin.her eyes are brown with black pupils and is set into the cloth and fur.there is a dent where the eyes are set into the fur like they were sewn and glued in ( i have a few bears that the eyes are like that but none of them are even close to her in size shape color or stiffness.) she doesnt crinkle when she is squeezed she is hard.her fur is fine but stands up.on her back the center seam is pulling but not resewn due to damage which she has no damage to her except me thinking she might be missing the tag that the brand was written on.ok the seams on the back of her head statr on the top of her head near the top of each ear and start to v in until you hit the bottom which is about an 1/2 off the center seam.they are also showing signs of pulling.each arm and leg has the seam underneath with a tucked under seam on all 4 paw pads.the smooth pads have like a light touch of fur on them but its more fuzz then fur.the fur itself is fine with lots of fibers yet it is still soft to the touch and cuddle.the tail is about 3/4 of an inch.more like a stub in shape rather than a normal teddy bear.

i checked on bing and the ebay and amazon.her material is to modern to be any older then maybe the late 70's at the oldest but i am still limited in knowledge as i have not been collecting a very long time only about 9 months and i have 63 teddy bears.she kinda looks like some of my older Dakins but she is stiffer then some of them are.she doesnt come anywhere in the neighborhood of my Russ's but she comes close to my Farm brand one but it is jointed.The color is not like any of my bears at all.they are not the greatest pictures but i am going to up load some for you.she more than likely isnt anything fancy but i would love to put a brand and if the bear has a name to her as well.i hope you can help

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