Beloved Teddy Bear Stolen - GIMO

by Tara Carney
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

Gimo the Italian Bear

Gimo the Italian Bear

In 2006 we purchased this bear in San Gimagnano, Italy for my daughter. This sweet little fellow became a part of our family and has traveled the world with us and other family for years. He has had his picture made with us all over from the United States all the way to Iraq during Desert Storm. We were devastated when he was stolen on Oct 9 in Rome, Italy with my purse while we ate dinner near the Trevi Fountain. I was more upset to lose Gimo than to lose the cash that was in my bag! We looked for him around the area but the thieves in Rome were probably long gone before I even realized my purse was missing from beneath the table. I am trying to hope someone has found him to love but still hold out hope for a miracle the he will return to us someday. If anyone sees a bear like this I would love to know. He did not have any tags when purchased and the only thing I know is that we bought him in a small shop in San Gimagnano. I have written to their tourist department but of course too many years have passed for the shop to still carry a similar bear. Would love to hear from anyone with any ideas or suggestions and if by some chance the same bear could be found, I would love to know.

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