Benji Bear

by Jennifer Riley

Benji Bear

Benji Bear

I found this cute little bear at a charity shop. He is roughly 11 inches tall and has a straw coloured plush which is quite bare in places. He is rather flatly stuffed and is not jointed at all.

He has amber and black plastic(?) eyes and a hand stitched nose and mouth.
He also has hand stitched claws on his arms.

At the back of his head, on a seam line, there appears to be a remnant of a label - however it looks as though it may have been cut or ripped as it is very short and no writing can be seen on it.

Would love to know a little more about this cute little bear. Many thanks

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May 22, 2023
Benji bear
by: Anonymous

Hi, I think my sister had one of these. She got him as a christening present in 1960. I remember him arriving, he was in a white box,open at the front, and had an emerald green bow round his neck. He could have been from Ireland as there was I think a good painted clover on the box. The writing on the white box was gold.I was only 6 so my memory not that good,but I remember his arrival.

He's not jointed,his eyes are glass,his paws are stitched,and his nose.

She's still got him,but all his fur has gone,like or worse than your bear.he got regularly washed,hung on the line,so he's been loved,cherished.he when new a lovely golden yellow.

The bright green ribbon he wore,and he arrived in a white box,might be helpful to you.Chloe this helps.

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