Beyond repair or not?

by Amanda Butwell
(Shropshire , England.)

In need of repair teddy bear

In need of repair teddy bear

Hi there all, I.have acquired this old teddy bear very recently. He has really been in the wars, one leg virtually amputated, small.tears to his very worn body exposing wood wool. There are discs at the joint approx.1/8" thick, and his paws have a cotton pad on them. These eyes, I'm sure are replacement plastic and some black stitching to the snout. The ears are surprisingly soft and tip forward with ease, he is quite an odd sort of shape and wonder if he has gone through a process of washing, maybe heaven forbid in a washing machine? As I say the fur covering is extremely fine and thin and hat is beneath appears to be a very light blue colour which shows up as photographs

, I wonder was this possible. As I.have said, I purchased some items from a retired gentleman who said he had some other items for sale, he actually gave me this bear which I think, having done a little digging myself,is aged approximately 110 years old? I do not know what to do with it, only that it has been loved to bits and I couldn't bear to skip it or just give it away. question is , does anyone recognise this style of Bear, was it made by a known manufacturer, is it worth any value in its current state, is it worth getting it refurbished ( even slightly) or am I throwing good after bad! The other thing I forgot to mention that this is a growler bear, unfortunately he no.longer growls but again maybe it could be repaired. So sad to.see him, ( I think it's a boy) like this any answers to any of the above questions would be greatly appreciated. I would add that big Ted measures a whopping 24 "Thank you. Amanda

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