BIg Bear and little Bear

by Daniel Lawles
(New York )

Little bear

Little bear

Hello there,
I am a fan of history within our toys that have been created through the past of our generation. I love to explore at flea markets and antique shops. I have a little bear that I found at a young age of 11 years old. I purchased him at an antique shop in Spring, Texas. I do not know of his history but I do know that has a torn ear that is held down by an old nail that holds its ear in. I believe could be a Steiff with a missing button. The day after I had purchased the bear-The antique shop burned down.
I was fortunate to save the bear from losing its history. The big bear I got at a flea market in New York City and was told could be a late 50's bear and I am unsure of the maker. I would love to know more each of these bears and hope their history can be recovered.

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