by Trish Smith

My Bear , known by all as BIG TED has been in my family for at least 50 years perhaps more? My older sister laid claim to him but can’t remember who gave it to her or when.Approximately 1964 I just remember him always being there and as a child loving being able to sit on his lap and have a cuddle. I always wanted a big fat granny ( mine was small and skinny) to cuddle.He is 3 .5 ft tall and possibly stuffed with foam and what feels like horse hair?He was quite stiff and would stay in a sitting position but now is too floppy. As a child I loved to sit on his lap and read my books . He weighs 1 stone . His arms are stuck at right angles to his body.and are quite short ( arm span 3 ft) he used to have glass eyes I don’t think he had any other facial features like nose or mouth sown on? We lived in the Wirral and had big family connections to Liverpool. I would love to know where he was made, his age and if I should leave him as he is - old and battered or have him repaired?

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