Biker Bear

by Alan Kerrison
(New Milton, Hampshire, United Kingdom)

Biker Bear

Biker Bear

Dear Sir/Madam
I wonder if you could help us with valuing this teddy bear as we have looked on numerous sites now and keep coming up with a blank and when ever we ask anybody about weather they can help with a valuation they all say that it is rare and that they have never seen one like it before.
She is made from a soft material that looks like a sheep's fleece which is appropriate as she looks like a sheep she stands about a foot and a half tall and has a metal stand that holds her around her waist she only has jointed arms at the shoulders.
she is wearing blue denim jeans with brown leather like boots. She has a belt made of chain with a badge for the buckle which says Motor Teddy
On the arms she has a brown leather like handbag with chain for the handles on her right arm with a badge saying Motor Teddy again. On the left arm she has a brown leather like bracelet with brass studs around it
Her body is half covered yet again with a brown leather like bask with brass studs around the collar and down the front with tassels hanging from the studs.
she has a very happy face with a nose and a mouth sown on she has black eyes sunglasses that sit up on top of her head these are circular with dark lenses in them, she also has two hoop earrings one in each ear.
She also has a black plastic stand for the bottom and what is supposed to be a clear box shaped surround that has a square lid that is also clear plastic this has yellowed with age.
When we brought her it was at a car boot sale and we was told that she was a bespoke Bear and very rare there was no paperwork with her at all. she just stood out as we went round and we really liked her.
we have inspected her thoroughly and we cannot find any labels on her at all.
We have written to some other company's to ask for there help as well to try and find as much as we can about her. The pictures are the best that I could take I hope that they are of help to you.
we thank you for your help and await your reply

kind regards

Alan Kerrison and Tracey Kerrison

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Nov 04, 2018
Biker bear
by: Anonymous

I also have one of these bears. I don't think they are rare.

Sep 16, 2016

by: Kate

Hi Sorry we do not carry out valuations on teddy bears. To be honest the only way you know what something may sell for is to check out sites like ebay and auctions sites to see if a similar bear has been sold.

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