Bing Golfer Bear

by Sofi
(North Wales, UK)

Bing bear

Bing bear

Hello, i purchased my bear from a toy shop near where I live. He is about 25-30cm. Short brown hair, shaved nose. He has a bing button under his arm and a bing certificate attached to him stating he is number 13 of 100. He is dressed as a golfer with a red cardigan, check trousers and cap and has a golfer's stick. The button is round with the diamond logo on it and the word Bing below that. I have tried researching the bear online and have found no results and I was worried that he may not be genuine. Could you help to clarify please? If he is a genuine Bing, it would be nice to know what year he is from. Paper certificate stating the story of Berni in both English and German, on the back of the certificate it states his is a limited edition bear number 13 of a 100. Eyes are black plastic. Soft light pink pads, not sure of the exact material.

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