Bing or steiff

by Netty
( U.k)

Bing or steiff teddy bear

Bing or steiff teddy bear

An old couple died and i was asked if i could take the items away along with some old 1920s bisque headed dolls which i did, my friend does house clearances, all the items in the farmhouse looked untouched, my teddy which i love is 22inches tall and has more rounded ears, full golden blonde mohair and has alot of fur left but patchy on the arms,he is hard stuffed with straw kapok type material,but has lost some filling in his arms and ankles he needs restuffing,he has a much longer nose, it is stitched with black on his nose and paws and his nose is not mohair its stitched on the snout with a blonde stitching,he has quite a big fat chunky body and a seam up the back he is fully jointed i can feel metal circles on the joints, his paws all 4 have pads, the feet pads have been replaced with darker fabric the arm hand pads are original and lighter,he has black boot button eyes, not sure if they have been replaced but they suit him.his bosy is 20inches in length and his paws measures 3.5 inches long.His main seam seems to be at the front, altho he has one at the back too.

His arms appear to be quite long as at first i thought he may be an early steiff but he has no button or sign of any puncture mark.
I would like to know is he a steiff bing or something else, many thanks

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