Black And White Family Teddy Bear.

by Ronny
(Lakeview, MI USA)

black and white teddy bear

black and white teddy bear

The bear is about 18" long. He has black fur. He has white or tan (I cannot tell) on bottom of each paw, white squarely across the bottom of the belly, you can see horizontal fur lines sort of on the belly, straight on up and around nose. The ears are white or tan on the front side. The fur doesn't appear real soft; hard to say if it's just because it's worn so much or that's the way it was. His nose is cone shaped with some sewn black notations for end of nose, and what might have been line of mouth. There is a sew seam up the middle of the belly, to the head. His eyes are sewn crisscrosses. One man told us that that would have been original, that way. We're not so sure of that. Wouldn't there have been some sort of a button type of? It is stuffed with either straw, or I see a lot of old bears were stuffed with a wood fiber. He has a very short stubby tail of the same black material. It looks like it is sewn around just to shape it. Sorry, we just don't know much about these things. There are no tags or anything to identify it's brand in that way. It is fairly warn.

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