Black and White Teddy Bear

by Teresa Borklund Baker
(Clinton Illinois)

black and white teddy bear

black and white teddy bear

When I was young my grandfather passed away. My grandmother remarried and I was having a hard time accepting things . So to get me to spend time with my new grandfather my mother gave me a dollar and sent us off to a mom and pop shop in central Illinois . It was the mid 1960s and thinking I'd come back with candy or an icecream . I returned with a stuffed panda bear and my grandfather with the biggest heart for children. This bear was made different then the usual bears I'd seen shorter all black legs. He had an all white body with a seam up the middle .He was probably 18 inches but seemed a bit Rolly Polly . His arms were moon shaped and all black also and very stubby. His head wasn't round but seemed to be more heart shaped .It was all white with a little pom pom for a nose and just a small felt red mouth . His eyes where solid black possibly glass or plastic .There was not any black fur on his face at all. His little ears were pure black. He was well loved and got tossed out by someone . I would so like to find another one. Found a small Rushton bear that was very close but the eyes were different . Just knowing his origin would mean a lot. Thank you

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