Blind bear found on top of a rubbish pile in France

by Julie Briggs
(Vendee, France)

Blind bear back view

Blind bear back view

Hello, I was found in rural France at the local dump under some old sheets of plasterboard.
I am blind (missing my eyes).
I still have quite a lot of plush fur for my age and I am quite ginger in colour, it feels quite scratchy and not soft and fluffy
I have articulated arms and legs and I have wooden discs at the joints.
I dont have any identification tags or labels, I guess I lost them a long time ago, if I actually had any in the first place!
I stand approx 18" high, not including my ears.
I have a slight hump to my chest and back.
My paws, all fours are made of a lighter colour cotton/linen type fabric. They are not in very good condition, but it does allow you to see my stuffing which looks like wood wool.
My legs are approx 8" long and my arms 6".
I am in quite good condition really with no rips or tears.
I dont appear to have a growler
Please help the lady that found me identify me.
Very many thanks

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Dec 05, 2015
Happy News!
by: Anonymous

I am delighted he now has a forever home....I hope he will continue to delight you x

Dec 04, 2015
His new home
by: Anonymous

He now lives with me and is very happy with new eyes and many bear friends

Oct 16, 2015
Missing Brother
by: Corinne

Hi I think we may have his brother here in Blackpool (UK),we got as a present,he has glass eyes and wooden joints and I think he may be middle aged (like me) but looking still o.k apart from a loose ear,he was bought in a vintage and steam fair in Devon so could have been from over the channel but he (Goldie) has no labels and is keeping quiet about his past,sorry to be no more help.

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