Boyd Bears and Ann chapman Bear

by Jacqueline

Boyd Bears and Ann chapman Bear

Boyd Bears and Ann chapman Bear

Hello, please could you tell me more about my boyd bears? I have two small bears, one is brown with a yellow hat with a daisy. She also has a blue crochet scarf. She is from the 1988-2002 collection. I cannot find her on the internet! She has no tags so I don't know her name.
The other bear is white, with a green ribbon around her neck. She is holding a yellow lemonade cup with a straw. She also has a yellow white and green striped ribbon on her left ear. She is also form the 1988-2002 collection.

I also have a third bear, she is an exclusive english suffolk bear made by ann chapman. She has a pink ribbon and must be no more than 7inchs tall. I think she is made from mohair as she is quite ruff. She has beans in her tummy.

All three bears are jointed.

I am hoping someone could say if they are worth anything of not, I am moving house and am looking for some money to decorate!
Thank you for your help, Jacqueline.

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