Brand Name/ Age of teddy bear

by Tom

My Teddy Bear has been with me since my early infancy and I am 74 years old. In my infancy I grew up in Detroit, Michigan along with all of my family. I am certain, therefore, that it would have been purchased somewhere there. I looked for family pictures of me with the bear but I couldn’t find any.The bear stands about 14-15 inches tall. It’s kind of a “dirty blonde” color now but new it would have been much lighter. The head, arms and legs are all moveable and it can sit up because of the firmness of construction. All can be moved 360degrees. The body is football shaped. The inside of the paws and bottom of the legs have different material, more cloth like with 3 brown threads indicating claws. The rest of the body is soft to the touch, very short fur.The nose made of tight sewn thread as is the straight across smile. The two black eyes appear to be plastic but could be glass. One eyelash is connected to each eye same color and material as mentioned prior for inside paws/ feet. All of the stitching is evident and visible, although not taking anything away from the bears’ charming appearance. The arms and legs appear to be sewn together from two equal parts. This is also true of the football shaped body. The head, on the other hand, looks like three pieces stitched together. One stitch runs from the bottom of the head the up past each ear and down the back of the head.The remaining middle piece of the face starts near the neck and down the back. The stitches seams on the back of the head a most notable, perhaps from handling or lying down during storage. No identifying tags anywhere.

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