Brothers Bear

by Jodi

Brown worn teddy bear

Brown worn teddy bear

My grandfather gave this bear to my brother on his first Christmas - Dec. 25, 1947 (In Oregon). He is jointed & his head rotates. He is all original including his black button eyes. His nose is stitched with a heavy wool type yarn. I do not believe he is mohair but I truly have no idea! The inside of his front paws as well as his feet - which are falling apart - are made from some sort of stretchy sock material. Due to his feet coming apart I know he is stuffed with a very soft shredded material - cotton? He has no tags or identification - the tag around his neck is mine. I have researched & researched to no avail. I am wondering if he is mohair? Who the maker is? Does this bear have any monetary value?

Or does his tattered feet negate any worth - other than sentimental - for this well loved bear of my brother's?

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