Brown and beige Teddy Bear bought in 1980

by Zahra
(Montreal, Qc, Canada)



I was given this bear in April 1980 at my first birthday. I live in Canada, so chances are it was bought here. I would love to be able to buy another one (in better state) or find someone who can make me a replica.

It has a short muzzle with a black triangular plastic nose. The nose has nostrils. There's a mouth stitched on the muzzle too: there's a vertical line starting at the nose and then it divides into a ^ shape (so kind of an inverted Y).

The eyes are plastic, with a pupil, and have resisted the depredations of at least one kid (namely, me). The pupil is black, and the iris (or the rest of the eye) is amber.

It looks like the final stitches may have been at the neck seam. Is that possible?

The bear is as soft as a medium pillow, filled by some yellowish foam and is 15" long.

It has a tail and my research online hasn't led me to find any pictures of a bear with the same pattern: beige inner ear, muzzle, foot pads and belly.


Hi I am guessing there is no label anywhere on the bear. Unfortunately modern bears are often mass produced and come and go every year. They are also often made by general manufacturing companies rather than specific teddy bear makers and this makes it very hard to find another one.

A lot of modern bears are seen as disposable and so many end up being thrown away rather than kept and this also makes it difficult to find replacements.

Your best option is to just keep your eyes open in charity shops and jumbles, you may be lucky.

As for someone making you a replica, it could be difficult to get the exact same fur etc but it could be worth contacting teddy bear restorers. Search online for teddy bear hospitals etc and you should come up with some people who may be able to help you.

Best of luck Kate

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Nov 17, 2017
I have the same teddy bear
by: Anonymous

I was born in 1979 in Montreal and got the same teddy when I was too. Mine is of a much lighter brown but it’s the exact same. It’s in much worse shape, though! I never found a picture of that bear before. So glad to know I’m not alone that’s so attached to this teddy!


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