Brown Bear 70's Identification

by Robert
(New Jersey, US)

Front France about 1979

Front France about 1979

Received this bear as a gift from relative from France about 1979.

Nose: The nose disintegrated and I replaced with a button. The original nose had a leather feel about one inch wide and one inch length. The snout(the beige circle around the black button) holds the now button nose use to protrude outward by a half an inch circumference.

Fur: The now faded brown fur is still smooth and silky. There is no tail just one shade brown fur on back, and brown & beige fur on front.

Stuffing: When the stuffing comes out it is a dark yellow foam. When squeezing the bear it is a soft very comfortable feel.

Eyes: There use to be two eyes but now only one half broken eye.

Tall: about 15 inches

Legs: about 3 inch length

Arms: about 4 inch length

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Seeking to buy another.

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