Brown bear with red bowtie (probably from the 90s)

by Katie

Brown bear with red bowtie

Brown bear with red bowtie

My teddy bear has been with me as long as I remember. I was born in '94, so I would guess she's from the late 90's. She has a red bowtie that doesn’t go around her neck; it’s just at the front of her neck.

Her nose is solid (not sewn), she has black eyes. She is a very classic looking teddy bear. Her legs have a sewn joint, but her arms are solid from her torso. She is a light brown and her nose used to have some sort of suede brown covering that's worn off some.
I don’t remember getting her, but I do faintly remember getting my beanie babies, which were bought in about ’98-’99.
I think she had a tag on the edge of her behind, but we ripped it off years ago. Honestly, I can’t find the residue of the tag, so I don’t know if it was there.
She doesn’t have a mouth, but she has a seam around her snout and over her eyes. There is also a seam that goes from her nose to the bottom of her snout. Her red ribbon reaches her legs. The ribbon is blood red and has a bit of a shine to it. She sits upright without issue. Since her legs have sewn seams, her legs move freely. She isn’t stiff like many teddy bears. Her fur is a pretty classic fur for a stuffed animal. It’s not super soft, but it’s not scratchy.
She can’t stand up, but if you pick her up, her legs will straighten out and move freely. Her arms have some give, but they are meant to stay in the same position.
As far as her condition, she is in fair condition. She has been very loved, so her fur is a bit clumpy (might be the word I’d use). Her nose is worn down a bit (the felt material has mostly worn off, except on the edges). Her bow is still in pretty good condition, but there is a line down it from separating of threads. The edges aren’t frayed. Her snout is a little pushed in, so you can see an indentation above her nose.
All in all though, I think she’s a pretty attractive bear. I have no interest in selling her, I’ve just always wondered where she came from, how old she is, and how common she is. Any help in discovering her story would be appreciated. She’s been here for me my whole life and I’d love to learn more about her.

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Apr 24, 2023
I have the same bear!
by: Anonymous

Hi! I am pretty sure that I have the same teddy bear! He has been with me almost my whole life as well. He came from a Hanes outlet in San Marcos, TX. One of those that if you spent a certain amount the bear was a free gift or something like that. I remember picking him out of a big bin full of them. Definitely one of those toys my mom thought I’d tire of in an hour but he still sits on my bed approx 26 years later. Unfortunately his bow tie has not survived but I know he used to have the same red one. So fun to see another one that is just as well loved!

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